Blessings are Anew Every Morning

This past June I found out that I carried the virus for hsv-2. The key word is CARRY the virus. How you frame this virus makes the world of difference. Do your research. Read encouraging information about the virus. Most people would label this as a skin condition. But,the truth of the matter is that you do not really have a 'condition'- this doesn't stop you from walking, talking, learning, or turn you different colors.

This virus only requires a slight adjustment to your sex component of your relationship with someone. The sex component should not dominate your entire relationship. If it does, this relationship is a problem and is probably not going to be foreseeable in the future.

I could explain to you the whole ordeal of when, where, and how I got the virus but none of that really matters. I found that telling my story puts me in the mind frame of a victim. I am not a victim. I am the hero of my own story. Everyday that I wake up, I decide that today will be a good day because I decided that for myself.

My boyfriend decided not to continue the relationship with me because of my virus and I can honestly say I am glad he did. You should never want somebody in your life that just wants to be with you when things are beautiful because life is rough sometimes. You must forgive those people who are not willing to accept the responsibility and then forgive yourself.

Yes, I had my pity party. Yes, I cried for days, weeks, and even three months after the breakup. In the process, I found that I deserve love and that everybody deserves love no matter what. There is nothing wrong with you and you are absolutely beautiful. This will only make you a stronger person. Keep good friends around you and start loving yourself.

I have given my situation to God. I have no doubt that he uses the bad for his good. How sweet is that! A father who loves you after you have slipped. He will never leave you and has been there through the midst of your sin, breakdown, and soon to be breakout! If there's anybody reading this that doesn't know Him, get to know Him. He is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Stay focused, stay encourage, and stay positive.

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