Being a Teen and Having Genital Herpes

by Tabitha

I know a lot of people look down on teens who have sex, so when I found out I had Genital Herpes I was devastated. I just knew my life was over before it began.

I took it pretty hard after I found out, being depressed and crying every so often. After a couple of weeks I tried to just not think about it and get it off my mind so it wouldn't upset me so much and it worked for awhile, that is until I had my second outbreak.

I've learned from this site, as well as from my close friends and family, that I had to just deal with the circumstances and understand life is going to go on with or without my permission. I know now that I can have a fulfilling life with herpes, I just have to take extra precaution, which is always good in the first place.

I'm only 17 and I'm about to graduate high school in a couple of months and I know when I become an adult that I'll be able to find a partner that can accept me and my Herpes. I just have to be honest with them.

I believe each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own way and we shouldn't let an STD ruin our lives. It should only teach us how crucial life is and to live life to the fullest.

I have Herpes, Herpes doesn't have me!


Dear Tabitha,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Tabitha! Indeed, some adjustments must be made in order to take proper care of our health and avoid stressful conditions (that trigger outbreaks).

It is only natural to be confused and scared at first. But knowing that we still have the love and support of our friends and family who will stand by us whatever problems may arise, is more than enough to give us the strength and encouragement to continue living our lives, happily with Herpes.

God bless!



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