After a Full Year, Some Recovery

by Bobbie
(Moorehead, KY)

I have had genital herpes now for exactly 1 year and two weeks. I was dating a person with herpes and they told me they were on antiviral medication and that it was no big deal. They said that many people had it and it was just some minor itching and then it was gone for months if not years at a time. The antiviral killed it within a day or two. I believed them. I was a very healthy adult, ate right, and worked out every day. I was not worried until I got the disease.

The first sign was a brown dot on my genitals. This spread to a fiery rash that burned horribly. Finally, two horrible straw-colored blisters and then unbearable back pain. I screamed in agony for a few days. The back pain never really went away, but became tolerable. Then my butt, legs and feet hurt, and I had flu symptoms for weeks. I could hardly get out of bed for many months. I had to stay home a lot the first few months; venturing out only to get food and medication. Antivirals did not seem to touch the virus. I tried everything. Every type of herb you can find recommended on the internet, I tried. Every herbal tea, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga, everything... nothing helped.

This continued for six months with no relief. Then the legs went numb and started buzzing as if they were plunged in ice water and I was on the verge of losing feeling. Then the leg pain would start again. This cycle continued for another three months. I even was put on Neurontin and that did not help at all. Finally, I started exercising again. It did not take the muscle pain and tingling suffering away, but it must have been helping my immune system. I also stopped taking antivirals.

Finally I started to feel better. Then, about nine weeks ago, I got a very bad cold, with fever. The moment
the fever started, the straw colored blisters came back. The whole cycle started over again. Panicked, I started taking my antivirals again. The blisters took a very long time to heal, about a month. Then the pain started. I immediately began upping lysine and keeping myself on the antivirals and started exercising regularly through the muscle pain. The butt, leg and foot pain are the worst of it for me. Very deep pain that I can only tell you feels like a horrible muscle bruise. Finally, with exercise and antivirals, today, I feel pretty good.

The individual that gave me this disease confessed that they had stopped taking antivirals because they were concerned about taking them too often. I was shocked. I would do anything to prevent someone from going through the pain I went through. The actual genital pain was not too bad. The back, butt, leg and feet pain was horrible. I'd not wish that on anyone.

My personal opinion is that my body needed a long time to figure out how to control the virus, since it had never seen it before. That's the bad part. You NEVER know how YOUR body will react. Some don't know they even have Herpes, while others suffer horribly. You do not want to gamble with your health that way. My body seemed to react to the Herpes II virus the way most would diagnose a Herpes Zoster attack (Shingles). But that's MY body. I may suffer the rest of my life. I may not. It's going to be up to me to try and build my immune system to fight this incessant painful invader off.

I'll keep the exercise and diet going for life, but the antivirals are ending soon. I will only use them for outbreaks.

It's been a very hard year, one of torturous pain and emotional stress.

But I'm alive, and feel pretty good considering how much pain I was in six months ago.

Keep the faith. I'm trying to!

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Jun 15, 2014
23 years and counting
by: Anonymous

I had horrible outbreaks the first several years. Every month or so, I'd get another round of flu-like symptoms, painful blisters, swollen lymph nodes, fever, stiff neck, blinding headaches, etc. I went on acyclovir for a year. Every day. Back when it was the newest anti-viral. It did the trick, though I suspect it was mostly due to my body adjusting and learning how to fight it off right away.

I now only get an outbreak every couple of years. Nasty, nasty like it's reasserting itself. Usually post child birth (cuz that's what you want right after having a baby) of if I am unusually stressed. I have found that exercise, healthy diet, and eliminating drama from my life is key to keeping the outbreaks to a minimum. I do forget. Sometimes I forget to put it on health forms because it's been so long. My husband of 11 years does not have it. We also have 5 kids. There is hope, there is life beyond herpes.

Dec 01, 2013
Natural cures
by: Anni

Hi, I hope the following helps others. I had a serious breakout once which kept reoccurring for months due to emotional stress and upset (over the guy who passed the virus to me). I didn't actually consciously look for cures but I started improving my diet. There are a few things which you can do to get rid of genital herpes (mine doesn't rear its ugly head anymore and although I've had the warning signs, haven't had any sores for nearly 3 years now).

The first "cure" is Lactobacillus GG (LGG). Yoghurt or probiotic oral supplements.

The second is marine phytoplankton.

Beware though: both of these are highly effective in curing/eliminating/suppressing the virus and its symptoms but there is a horrible side effect I've experienced which is that I broke out in severe rashes and hives due to the amount of virus killed and my body unable to dispose quickly enough. But both together or just the probiotic is highly effective and you'll recover fully in about a week.

The third remedy is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which I stumbled upon trying to cure the hives side effect. Basically herpes and hives is due to "heat" problems in the body (not temperature wise). So in order to prevent or eliminate symptoms of herpes and hives, drink at least 3 liters of pure water (not tea or juice etc). Avoid "heaty" or "warming" foods like alcohol, coffee, fried foods, chicken, lamb, toast, cheese, chocolate...(please google). Cold or cooling foods help (kelp is an example) and also banana, watermelon, other seaweeds, and especially great for "clearing heat" is chrysanthemum flowers made into tea (buy from chinese stores and use only a pinch in one cup and pour boiling water into it, strain, cool and drink without adding anything). Another is Pei Pa Koa (or Pi Pa Gao) which is a marvellous herbal cough syrup which can be diluted in warm or hot water if you find it too thick and which clears heat.

Last but not least, is lavender oil. Use pure, organic 100% (not mixed with any other oils) and apply the tiniest drop and massage onto any sore or add the oil into the bath and soak. Please check how your body responds to lavender oil before using more than a drop at a time. It's quite potent and I've been dizzy from over-using so be very careful. But this oil does kill the herpes virus.

Hope one of these will help others. Ive never used anti viral medication or other medication for my outbreaks and after the above, will probably never need to use any.

Good luck and hang in there.

Apr 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had a similar experience when I was first diagnosed with Genital Herpes. Breakouts at least once month during menses. I try prunella vulgaris, peppermint leaves, turmeric, lemon balm and a ton of other herbal solutions. I also tried h2o2 and DMSO. It helped a little. The breakouts were still painful. My lymph nodes in my groin would grow to size of golf balls. It was painful to walk or use the bathroom because of the extreme pain in my legs and thighs. I even try covering the sores sometimes it would heal faster and other times not.

I basically tried everything thing even 12 weeks of Lamisil. Thank God, I have been breakout clear for 3 months. Which is huge for me. In 2012, I had over 14 severe breakouts and few minor ones. I started taking kelp for my thyroid problem. Kelp is a superfood but you have to be careful with it. It can cause the thyroid problems if you have a healthy thyriod. I create a protocol for myself. I take 2 kelp pills from GNC. I drink around 8oz of camu camu juice from a powder. I take 3 to 9 coconut oil pills daily. Plus a multi vitamin and one vitamin D. Sometimes I forget to have Genital Herpes.

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