A Lifetime of Herpes

by A
(Midwest, United States)

I'm 26 years old and I've had herpes simplex 1 my entire life, at least ever since I can remember. As a young child I had terrible outbreaks on my mouth multiple times a year, sometimes every month. The kids at school tormented me about it- but their cruelty only made me the stronger person I am today. Now that I'm older I have MUCH fewer outbreaks, with usually just one bad one a year. The last one was just below my bottom lip on my chin- it was about the size of a dime in diameter with LOTS of tiny little fluid filled blisters.

None of my boyfriends have ever gotten a blister- lucky them. And they were all so kind in the matter- I've been lucky too I guess. They never acted disgusted and would give me kisses regardless of the nasty sore on my mouth. Which was nice of them- but I'm thinking now that may have been a bad idea. Today I get to go to the doctor and see if it's spread to my genital area via oral sex from my boyfriend.

I'm not sure if it's herpes down there or not- It's not that bad and only hurt for a few days. And there were no oozing blisters or sores anywhere...just irritated skin. I've read that having herpes all my life has given my immune system the chance to really line up an awesome defense against the infection- so my genital herpes experience may not be half as bad as some un-previously exposed people’s infections. But... we'll see what happens.

I'm loving this site... thank you so much Gary, you've done a wonderful thing here!

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