A Diagnosis Leads to a Purpose

by Leah
(Austin, TX)

It's crazy. I'm sitting here at my computer researching natural remedies for herpes. I found out that I had it about 8 months ago. I am also enrolled in an Institute online for Nutrition. I started to have this idea download into my brain this morning. I could help people live happier and healthier lives who also have herpes. I'm still learning to cope myself, but do see that this all could have been set up for me for this purpose....to help others.

I am passionate about nutrition and wellness. I'm experimenting with different nutritional methods as well as with supplementation to find the optimal treatment for me. Then I will take my message to the world. I love what you have done here at your site. This is what I want to do!

My current boyfriend and I broke up for about 8 months last year, at which time I contacted the virus. We got back together, but I hadn't quite realized that the funny things that were going on in my body and the small sores I had were herpes.

Sometimes I would get foliculitis from shaving so I thought that is what the sores were as they weren't very big or painful. I avoided sex with my boyfriend until I was sure. This was a very stressful and scary time for me going through this. I knew something was different about
these though so I went to get tested and it was positive. As soon as I had a suspicion I told my boyfriend. I told him at the risk of losing him, but knew that I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't open with him. I encourage all of you to do the same.

After the test came back positive, I called him right away, again knowing that he might decide not to stay with me. He took it better than I did, but he's also a chiropractor/naturopath and helps people with herpes all the time. He said it wasn't the end of the world and there were things we could do to help suppress it. I realize that I am truly blessed to have a man accept me unconditionally but there are plenty of others out there like him so if you struggle with thinking you won't be accepted, STOP!

His brother has herpes and was married. His wife never contracted it. This gives me hope that if we are careful and smart as a couple we will be fine too. I am still learning to be positive. My outbreaks make me feel very depressed, but I've decided I am going to turn this into something else...an opportunity to not only get educated, but educate others.

Thank you again for taking a courageous step to reach out to others like myself and inspiring.

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