Make a difference! Writer and Editor needed to help people with Herpes. 

Do you have Herpes and want to help other people?

Are you the kind of person that keeps coming back to the success stories and advice forum of this website to write your own comments?

Have you written other articles before on success, health, and getting over this little virus?

Well great! Because I just might have the perfect little position for you.

I need to hire a writer and editor to help build and upgrade this website. It's a wonderful opportunity to make a big difference in people's lives. Many people visit this website on a daily basis so your work will not only be read, but you'll learn a lot about how websites work.

Job Requirements:

  • You have HSV2 and want to help people! That's really important for empathy and compassion and sharing your experience, strength, and hope.
  • Love writing and can write articles for the Internet.
  • Some experience editing websites. You can take a poorly written article and make it much more appealing to read.
  • Familiarity with web design. You don't have to be a HTML or CSS whiz but you should be able to cut and paste code and figure stuff out.
  • Able to do some photos and image manipulation on photoshop or similar software.
  • Be detail oriented. I am much more a big picture person, so you'll keep an eye on the website details.
  • Desire to work with this project for at least a year. You see Happy with Herpes and you think "Gary should do this and this and this. This website could be so much better!"
  • Want to do social marketing. Be willing to post articles on other websites as well as communicate in social areas.


  • Initially this will be an intern position. Maybe looking for just 5 hours of writing/editing work a week.
  • If you're a good fit and we communicate well, then I can begin compensating you financially. It won't be a lot, but I'll make it fair.
  • I'm really easy to work with and you'll be working remotely. This is a good job for stay at home moms, marketing students, junior copywriters, etc.

How to Apply:

Contact me via my website. 

1. In your application, tell me a little about yourself, and why you would be a good fit for the job requirements.

2. Write an original 250-500 word article on "How to be Happy with Herpes" or "How to be Healthy with Herpes" and send it to me so I can see if your writing fits the spirit of this website.

I look forward to working with you.

Gary Samuels