Coexisting With Herpes

by Adam
(San Antonio, Texas)

I have had herpes simplex type 1 for almost 20 years. My first symptoms confused me, as the lesions erupted around my lips, in my mouth and even down my throat. Once I visited a doctor, he administered a medication, I believe Zovirax, both oral tablets and creme.

In about 2 weeks most of the lesions dried up, but people would ask me what happened. I would tell them I was out weed eating, as I live in Texas where brush and weeds grow up fast, and we deal with fire ants. So my story was I struck a fire ant mound with the weed eater and they were all over me, biting my face and neck before I could get them off. Furthermore, I developed a severe reaction to their bites, and am now recovering.

Most folks, except medical people, accepted and believed my explanation. Problem is it sometimes lays dormant in my case for a long as 5 years, and symptoms change. Lately, I worked out in the sun and came home with a high fever. Thought I had the flu, but after fighting the fever for 2 days, here came the outbreaks. Once I felt the slight soreness under the skin, it dawned on me, so I immediately started taking Acyclovir, or any antiviral I could get my hands on left over from my last prescription.

I solved my problem by marrying the female partner who gave it to me. A beautiful Asian woman who is the best wife any human being could have. Happy for 20 years now.


Dear Adam,

Herpes indeed stays dormant (asleep) inside the body until it gets reactivated again through stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. It is best that you stay away from these triggers so as to lessen the occurrence of the outbreaks in the future.

Perhaps our article on Herpes Simplex Type 1 can help you further understand the implications of the condition that you have.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story! It's a source of inspiration that we can all have our own happy ending even with Herpes.



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