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by Anonymous
(Athens, GA)

I have suffered since 1981. My recurrences are at least 10 a year. I have been on suppressive therapy for several years. I need to find a specialist in my area. Can someone please advice? I live in the Athens, GA area.


Dear Anonymous,

I’m sorry to hear about your condition. The duration and severity of an outbreak usually lessen dramatically overtime. This is because as the body adapts to the herpes virus, it develops antibodies which battle against an oncoming outbreak. But it seems that people react differently to the virus. Some lucky ones never experience an outbreak while some get them as many as 10 times a year.

Stress is commonly the number one factor contributing to a herpes outbreak. The virus loves to thrive on a weak immune system, so an unhealthy lifestyle can trigger the sores to appear. Recent studies have shown that taking lysine supplements can vastly decrease the frequency of a herpes outbreak. Lysine is an essential amino acid that can improve the body’s speed in healing as well as limit viral replication.

It’s great that you religiously take your suppressive medication. It may be that your body has developed a tolerance to your current dosage and needs a higher dose to effectively fight off the virus. So it’s best that you do see a qualified STD specialist on this matter. Find the right one for you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Here are some websites that list doctors, clinics, and health centers in Athens, GA that you might find useful: HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hope things get better for you soon.



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Oct 23, 2015
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by: Andreith

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Sep 27, 2013
HSV Treatment Experience IgG Negative
by: Anonymous

Ten years ago I contracted it and it devastated me. I've lived with it ever since.

At the end of last year I was woken up out of a dead sleep at three in the morning with a commanding and absolute voice telling me "You're going to cure your herpes." Up to that point in my life I accepted the fact that I will have this forever and didn't even wish to dream about the possibility of a cure. So I started researching and formulating my plan based on medical findings around the world.

I'm ecstatic to report that my last IgG and IgM test came back NEGATIVE for both HSV 1 & 2. Previously my IgG had always tested 6+ and in 10 years, all of my tests came back positive.

This took me almost 8 full months of treatment and the effects on your body can be uncomfortable but you can be cured. My outbreaks occurred monthly and were multiple and painful. They were also beginning to spread to other areas of my body as well. I did not take Valtrex daily as I heard the side effects could increase and effectiveness decrease over time.

My treatment regiment was as follows:
Stop taking any/all suppressive therapy
Ingest MMS & DMSO daily 10 drops + an hour - build this up very slowly trust me.Colloidal Silver + DMSO + H2O - topically on entire body everyday. Let dry. Coconut oil on body everywhere afterwards. Drink kombucha daily. Learn to brew your own.

On Outbreaks - Mixture of coconut oil, lemongrass oil, oregano oil, aloe, DMSO topically until outbreak is gone. In addition apply Colloid Silver aloe gel to area. When outbreak is active, make strong lemongrass tea with 8+ stalks of fresh lemongrass and drink until outbreak has dissipated. Also do all of this the very moment you feel an outbreak coming on.

3 times a week - MMS & DMSO baths - enema and douch with MMS & DMSO water mixture. Brush teeth with peroxide daily.

I'm not saying this is easy or without some discomfort. MMS stinks like chlorine and is disgusting. Take it with kombucha. DMSO makes you smell like garlic, Lemongrass oil is very caustic to your skin and any area applied will crust and peel. I'm allergic to oregano oil so I used a very small amount. Eat an extremely healthy diet and drink detox tea occasionally to keep your insides clean. Include high intensity workouts near the latter half of your treatment.

The first month of treatment I had the most painful, long and intense outbreak ever. Every spot where I've ever broken out flared up with both HSV 1 & 2. It lasted 3 weeks and I almost stopped the treatment because of the pain. This is the virus fighting back because it's dying and trying to preserve itself. Do not stop at this point... Fight back! If you choose to do the treatment that is. After this I went 4 months without even a whisper of an outbreak. I firmly believe the dream I had was a Divine Intervention from The Lord above. That was the day I found hope. My calling is to pass this hope to as many people as possible.

God gave me a cure. You can have it too.

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